Fragments: Three Songs of Hope (Song 3 audio)


The third and final song of the three song set is a setting of a troped Agnus Dei from the European Middle Ages:

Agnus Dei- Lamb of God

Virga tulit florem – the branch bears a flower

Stella maris solem – the star of the sea, a sun.

Agnus Dei, dona nobis pacem- Lamb of God, give us peace.

This final song of the set of three “Fragments” begins with an anguished wail- perhaps the echo of the one in the first song sung as the husband leaves for war. In this wail though, I imagine the woman calling the heavens on the carpet, demanding explanation for the cruelty of the world. Gradually her wail turns to prayer as “Ahh” becomes “Agnus Dei” and she seems to find some sort of temporary solace.



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