Drum Taps: Full recording posted on Soundcloud.com

I have posted the complete recording of the May 15, 2012 premiere of Drum Taps: Nine Poems on Themes of War at the website “Soundcloud.” Please share this post with anyone who is interested- conductors, audience members, anyone interested in contemporary classical music, anyone who agrees that classical music can actually make a difference in the world by stirring emotions, thoughts and discussions about serious topics, like our species’ addiction to war…

Here is the link to the audio files (mp3) of the nine movements (in 10 files- one movement has two halves.)


Here are the full texts.

Drum Taps full texts

Here is a link to a short video interview with myself and the conductor about the piece.


Here is a press release with some description of the piece and its premiere.

Drum Taps -press release


One thought on “Drum Taps: Full recording posted on Soundcloud.com

  1. Kathy Gore Fuss says:

    I sent it to a cousin of Howards, Amit Gilutz. He is from Israel, although studied at Cornell and is a recent graduate looking for work. You guys should hook up. His email is: amitgilutz@gmail.com
    Thanks for making important and challenging work Greg!

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